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Book Cover
by James Kavanagh, Waterford Press
List: $7.95 From: $6.28
The coastal wetlands, mangrove forests and dune habitats are the permanent or temporary home of over 400 species of birds. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over ...
Book Cover
by Lynn E. Barber
From: $30.00
Undertaking a Big Year requires a more extreme version of planning than what is needed to bird in a typical year. In a Big Year a ...
Book Cover
by Roger Tory Peterson Institute
From: $34.52
A pocket guide to the field identification of the distinguishing characteristics of the birds of Texas and the adjacent states
Book Cover
by Edward Kutac
List: $19.95 From: $8.41
For Texas residents and visitors alike, this book is your best guide to the outstanding birding opportunities in the Lone Star State. It reveals where you ...
Book Cover
by Mark W. Lockwood, William B. McKinney & others
List: $29.95 From: $25.00
Texas birdlife is strongly influenced by the incredible diversity of habitats found within its borders. The Rio Grande corridor is a great example of this diversity. ...
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by William P. Kuvlesky Jr., Leonard A. Brennan & others
From: $40.00
The wild turkey is an iconic game bird with a long history of association with humans. Texas boasts the largest wild turkey population in the country. ...
Book Cover
by Jennifer L. Bristol
From: $29.95
Texas boasts greater bird diversity than almost any state, with more than six hundred species living in or passing through during spring and fall migrations. Jennifer ...
Book Cover
by Jon A. Larson, Timothy E. Fulbright & others
From: $24.95
Northern bobwhites are one of the most popular game birds in the United States. In Texas alone, nearly 100,000 hunters take to the field each fall ...
Book Cover
by John P. O'Neill
List: $34.95 From: $25.00
What makes any bird a "great" bird? For some birders, it's the rarity of a species that they've finally added to their life list after years ...
Book Cover
by John H. Rappole, Gene W. Blacklock
From: $30.46
There are certain pilgrimages that must be made by the serious North American birder: Santa Ana in the lower Rio Grande Valley, Hawk Mountain, Aransas National ...
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