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New Jersey Field Guides

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Book Cover
by Stan Tekiela
List: $13.95 From: $2.99
Learn to Identify Birds in New Jersey! Make bird watching in New Jersey even more enjoyable! With Stan Tekiela’s famous field guide, bird identification is simple ...
Book Cover
by William J. Boyle Jr.
List: $24.95 From: $3.31
New Jersey provides some of the most varied and exciting birding in North America, and more than 450 species have been recorded in the state. Yet ...
Book Cover
by James Kavanagh, Waterford Press
List: $7.95 From: $2.99
Cape May in southern New Jersey hosts one of the world's most prominent birding events, The World Series of Birding. The Garden State is the permanent ...
Book Cover
by Rick Wright
List: $24.95 From: $11.73
From High Point State Park to Cape May Point, New Jersey is home to an amazing diversity of birds. More than 375 species nest in the ...
Book Cover
by Susan Puder
List: $34.99 From: $28.99
Join photographer Susan Puder as she takes an intimate look at the resident and visiting bird species that inhabit the shores, fields, and forests of New ...
Book Cover
by Kevin T. Karlson
List: $49.99 From: $42.76
Cape May, New Jersey, is one of the best bird-watching locations in the world. Exquisite photographs represent birds commonly seen here, with action and flight themes. ...
Book Cover
by William Boyle
List: $27.95 From: $20.79
New Jersey is one of the smallest and most densely populated states, yet the remarkable diversity of its birdlife surpasses that of many larger states. Well ...
Book Cover
by Bill Thompson
List: $17.99 From: $1.99
From the editor of the nation's premier birding magazine, a no-nonsense, no-fluff quick guide to the birds you see every day. Of all the classic American ...
Book Cover
by Bill Fenimore
From: $49.95
BACKYARD BIRDS IS AN EXCITING SERIES of books that explores the top twenty-five backyard birds most commonly found in each state. It includes a profiled size ...
Book Cover
by Mel Baughman
List: $14.95 From: $9.88
National Geographic Field Guide to Birds: New Jersey provides affordable, portable, reliable, region-specific information—perfect for the novice or experienced birder. The introduction by expert birder Mel ...
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