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Mississippi Field Guides

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by Big River Magazine
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Authors include Pamela Eyden, Marc Hequet, Fran Howard, Tom Lerczak, Molly McGuire, Reggie McLeod, Joan Schnabel, Robert Sloan, Sally Sloan, Tom Watson Read stories about how ...
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by James Kavanagh, Waterford Press
List: $7.95 From: $5.71
Mississippi is the permanent or migratory home of 411 species of birds, including the state birds, the wood duck and mockingbird. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights ...
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by Stan Tekiela
List: $14.95 From: $5.00
Make bird watching in Louisiana and Mississippi even more enjoyable! With Stan Tekiela's famous field guide, bird identification is simple and informative. There's no need to ...
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by Bill Thompson
List: $17.99 From: $6.00
From the editor of the nation's premier birding magazine, a no-nonsense, no-fluff quick guide to the birds you see every day. Of all the classic American ...
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by Judith A Toups, Jerome A Jackson
Used from: $8.96
Sketches the history of bird watching in the region, and identifies the best times to go birding
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by Ray Vaughan
List: $14.95 From: $10.90
Ramble through the varied habitats and remarkable scenery of Alabama and Mississippi with this terrific birding location guide. Here are all the features you need in ...
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by Hubert H. McAlexander
List: $20.00 From: $2.99
In 1982, sisters Ruth Finley and Margaret Finley Shackelford made wills bequeathing 2,500 acres and two antebellum houses in Marshall County, Mississippi, to the National Audubon ...
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The only single-source regional reference to hundreds of species!   No other region in America offers such a stunning abundance of birdlife (including an overwhelming ...
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by Bill Thompson III
From: $60.55
Like gardening, bird watching is a fast-growing regional hobby. Now, Cool Springs Press brings its proven method of successful state-specific gardening approach to bird watching guides. ...
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by Dan Flores, Eric G. Bolen
List: $17.95 From: $10.95
Floating on air currents over rural countryside and open city spaces, the Mississippi Kite presents a familiar sight to many people across the southern United States, ...
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