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by Laubscher, Mike Perrin
List: $75.00 From: $71.00
A detailed examination of all aspects of parrots from behavior to their conservation.Parrots' colour and charisma, coupled with the fact that they mimic human speech, make ...
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by Catherine Ngarachu
List: $14.00 From: $9.59
A book that outlines the top 50 birding spots in Kenya. Each site is structured in the same way according to key headings: overview; location; visitor ...
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by James Kavanagh, Waterford Press
List: $7.95 From: $6.61
Having one of the richest avifaunas in the world, Africa's diverse ecosystems are the permanent or migratory home of over 2,600 species of birds. This beautifully ...
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by Dr. Peter le Sueur Milstein
From: $23.59
South Africa is home to over 900 bird species of the nearly 9 000 bird species recorded world-wide. Arranged in taxonomic order by bird family, Remarkable ...
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by Trevor Carnaby
List: $43.95 From: $40.49
Revealing fascinating insights into the mysterious lives of birds native to the mother continent, this remarkable guide exhibits the many vibrantly colorful species found in the ...
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by Nigel Redman
List: $66.50 From: $43.49
The Horn of Africa has the highest endemism of any region in Africa, and around 70 species are found nowhere else in the world. Many of ...
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by Roger Safford, Frank Hawkins
List: $150.00 From: $130.43
This is the eighth and final volume in the authoritative Birds of Africa series. It covers the Malagasy region which comprises Madagascar and the various islands ...
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by Ber van Perlo
List: $35.00 From: $20.18
This is the only pocket guide to all the species of bird known to inhabit Western and Central Africa. Ber van Perlo introduces more than 1,500 ...
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List: $69.00 From: $33.56
In this stunning new series, the astonishing live action photographs of Johan J Botha reveal the fascinating environs of the wildlife of Africa. With each volume, ...
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by Peter Ryan, Ian Sinclair
List: $35.95 From: $22.53
This brand new photographic field guide to the birds of southern Africa presents more than 2,500 images showing a wide selection of age and sex plumage ...
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