Parrots of the Wild: A Natural History of the World’s Most Captivating Birds – University of California Press. View on Amazon
The Thing with Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human – Riverhead Books. View on Amazon
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Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl – Great product!. View on Amazon
Draw 50 Birds: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Chickadees, Peacocks, Toucans, Mallards, and Many More of Our Feathered Friends – Watson-Guptill Publications. View on Amazon
Birdology: Adventures with Hip Hop Parrots, Cantankerous Cassowaries, Crabby Crows, Peripatetic Pigeons, Hens, Hawks, and Hummingbirds – Used Book in Good Condition. View on Amazon
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story . . . with Wings – Great product!. View on Amazon