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Book Cover
by Bruce Woods, David Schoonmaker
From: $27.23
Over 30 fabulous birdhouses and feeders: a log cabin, a country cottage, a '50s diner, a San Francisco row house, and many others. Full-color photos, detailed ...
Book Cover
by Dorothy Egan
List: $23.99 From: $7.00
This book makes it easy (and fun!) to turn an unfinished birdhouse into something special - from a quaint Victorian roost to a southwest pueblo, a ...
Book Cover
by Michael Berger
List: $24.99 From: $2.99
Build birdhouses that attract the birds you want!Most birdhouse books are overly complex, with intricate projects that take hours of work. Are they attractive? Sure. But ...
Book Cover
by Bobbie Lloyd
From: $7.99
Birdhouse Buddies is set in a garden for only a season or two. Every birdhouse has a buddy who lives and plays inside his tummy. This ...
Book Cover
by Thomas Stender
List: $18.95 From: $15.58
"...birds...will be singing about Stender's designs. He has created plans for a number of birdhouses that replicate famous buildings or architectural styles...a Gothic cathedral, the Chrysler ...
Book Cover
by Mike Dillon
List: $24.95 From: $9.04
Dozens of fantastic, imaginative ideas for different styles of bird house 28 projects with full colour photographs, simple instructions, diagrams and supply lists Build them as ...
Book Cover
by Wendy Davis
List: $13.97 From: $13.63
The complete guide to this beautiful bird species. This guide contains general information & anatomy about the Purple Martin, setting up, attracting, personality, promoting the population ...
Book Cover
by Alan Goodsell
List: $24.95 From: $15.28
Turn your garden into a haven for your feathered friends with this book of simple and attractive bird houses to make and make over. Setting up ...
Book Cover
by Mark Ramuz, Frank Delicata
List: $12.95 From: $12.35
Want to listen to birds singing in your backyard? Longing to watch a fledgling’s first flight? Curious as to how birds actually build their nests? With ...
Book Cover
by Sammie Crawford
List: $24.99 From: $20.05
Offer your feathered neighbors a handcrafted home. This detailed project book for making and decorating gourd birdhouses and feeders is complete with patterns, color palettes, supply ...
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