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Book Cover
by Monica Wellington
Used from: $1.90
Riki admires the beautiful birds that visit his yard. So he decides to build his feathered friends a home. Follow along as he measures and saws ...
Book Cover
by Mr Richard T. Banks
List: $16.49 From: $1.99
Architectural Birdhouses: If you can build a box, you can build a great birdhouse using the simple instructions contained in this book. You start with a ...
Book Cover
by Richard T. Banks
From: $36.04
Few woodworking projects are as popular and easy as building a birdhouse—and with just a dollop of creativity, plus this book, it’s simple to turn it ...
Book Cover
by Anne Schmauss
List: $22.50 From: $6.29
Birdhouses of the World offers readers a curated collection of beautiful, whimsical, stop-you-in-your-tracks amazing birdhouses created by designers and bird lovers around the world. Bird expert ...
Book Cover
by Jerome E. Leavitt
List: $5.95 From: $4.35
"All projects have been pretested for school use and are suitable for youngsters." — Bulletin of National Association of Secondary School Principals.What better way to learn ...
Book Cover
by Donald Stokes, Lillian Stokes
List: $13.99 From: $9.00
Copiously illustrated with line drawings and full-color photographs, this large format paperback book contains the essential information that backyard nature enthusiasts want and need -- to ...
Book Cover
by A.J. Hamler
List: $28.99 From: $17.00
Make Your Yard a Home for Creatures Great and Small!Imagine filling your backyard with birds, bees, butterflies, chipmunks, deer, toads and more. That's all possible with ...
Book Cover
by Lucinda Claire Macy
From: $24.99
Provides step-by-step instructions for building wall-mounted and hanging birdhouses, decorative fairy and gnome houses, and toad houses.
Book Cover
by Christyna M. Laubach, René Laubach
From: $46.83
It has been shown that backyard bird conservation has made a difference in certain bird populations.  With this carefully researched, handsomely illustrated, and easy-to-use guide, both ...
Book Cover
From: $8.54
Welcome to The Bird House, a homemade habitat where birds can safely rest and nest! Bird houses come in all shapes and sizes, designed to suit ...
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