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Book Cover
by Margaret Barker, Elissa Wolfson
List: $24.99 From: $15.88
A visit to almost any home or garden center presents birders with numerous cute and colorful contraptions that are sold as bird homes. But the fact ...
Book Cover
by A.J. Hamler
List: $24.99 From: $16.05
A Nature-Friendly Way to Attract and House BirdsBirdhouses are a favorite project among woodworkers. Made of inexpensive materials, they are quick to build and a pleasure ...
Book Cover
by Scott D. Campbell
List: $3.95 From: $1.99
Here is a complete, down-to-the-last-detail guide for building attractive, sturdy, and genuinely inhabitable wooden birdhouses that will add a touch of natural beauty to garden, backyard, ...
Book Cover
by A & G Bridgewater, Stephen Moss PhD Dr
List: $19.99 From: $11.27
Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. The food we supply in ...
Book Cover
by Amen Fisher, Maria Fisher
Used from: $39.42
Encourage wildlife into your garden with these unique, handcrafted homes for birds, bats, and bugs. Find out how to make them, where to position them for ...
Book Cover
by Michele McKee Orsini
List: $19.95 From: $11.87
Build and craft a beautiful birdhouse or feeder to decorate your backyard, and attract a few feathered friends.Build and craft a beautiful birdhouse or feeder to ...
Book Cover
List: $24.99 From: $17.49
Build a Fine Home for your Feathered FriendsBirds of all feathers will be flocking to your backyard to live in the beautiful houses and dine in ...
Book Cover
by Michael Berger
List: $17.99 From: $12.64
Building birdhouses is yet another way to enjoy the birds in our backyard, and author Michael Berger explains in his book Easy Birdhouses & ...
Book Cover
by Gladstone Califf, Leon H. Baxter
List: $7.95 From: $5.54
This practical guide for building birdhouses contains plans for more than fifty attractive and useful structures — from a one-room house for bluebirds to a forty-two-room ...
Book Cover
by Chris Peterson
List: $24.99 From: $15.43
Step-by-step instructions for 25+ unique birdhouses tailored for specific birds—pick the one that fits your neighborhood's birds and get building!   Join home improvement pro Chris ...
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