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by David Sibley
List: $8.95 From: $2.96
All 22 woodpeckers and woodpecker-like species found in North America are covered, both common and rare. Each entry includes both in-flight and perched illustrations with call-outs, ...
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by Tim Gallagher
List: $26.00 From: $7.99
Naturalist Tim Gallagher journeys deep into the savagely beautiful Sierra Madre, home to rich wildlife and other natural treasures—and also to Mexican drug cartels—in a dangerous ...
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by Seliesa Pembleton
Used from: $5.98
Introduces the appearance, habitat, and behavior of the pileated woodpecker, discusses the impact humans have had on the bird and its habitat, and describes a year ...
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by Richard Conner, D. Craig Rudolph & other
List: $37.95 From: $36.64
Though small among its woodpecker relatives, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker poses a huge dilemma for its human neighbors. Uniquely adapted to live in the old-growth pine forests ...
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by Walter D. Koenig, Ronald L. Mumme
List: $115.00 From: $43.30
Ever since the acorn woodpecker was observed and described by Spanish explorers, its behavior--particularly the unique habit of caching acorns in specialized storage trees or granaries--has ...
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by Cool Birds
From: $9.99
A life worth living is worth recording, and what better place than this journal? These lined pages crave your scribbled notes, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and notions. ...
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by Gerard Gorman
List: $19.95 From: $11.09
Woodpeckers are among the most remarkable birds in the avian world, having evolved a unique anatomy that enables them to peck and bore into solid timber ...
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by zoola art
From: $6.71
be with woodpeckerunique book you us notebook and journal, diary book, etc....this for anyone like and love animal woodpecker, love travel outside outdoor....in this book you ...
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by Alexander Skutch
List: $49.95 From: $17.70
Ranging over the entire family of woodpeckers, with emphasis on New World species, this book provides a wealth of information not easily obtainable elsewhere except in ...
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by Lisa J Mitchell
This is my real life experience of me raising three orphan woodpeckers. This book relates the account of me looking after these beautiful birds and the ...
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