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by Tom Stephenson, Scott Whittle
List: $29.95 From: $22.43
Warblers are among the most challenging birds to identify. They exhibit an array of seasonal plumages and have distinctive yet oft-confused calls and songs. The Warbler ...
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by Jon L Dunn, Kimball L Garrett
From: $2.99
The first comprehensive field guide to North American warblers describes all 60 species in detail, from field marks and vocalizations to mating habits and preferred habitats. ...
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by David Allen Sibley
List: $7.95 From: $6.00
• Must order minimum of 10 • Laminated, indestructible, beach & waterproof • Instant access to just what you need to know • Written and illustrated ...
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by Paul Sterry
List: $29.99 From: $8.06
A stunning full-color photographic field guide of 285 species of North American songbirds and warblers, captured in glorious life-sized detail and featuring concise descriptions, location maps, ...
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by Kevin T. Karlson
List: $7.95 From: $3.99
Warblers of North America provides comprehensive coverage of all the regularly occurring warblers of NA, plus a few rarities. Over 150 photos include breeding adults, nonbreeding ...
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by Scott Whittle, Tom Stephenson
List: $7.95 From: $3.98
This is a handy, pocket-sized foldout reference to the 45 most commonly seen North American warblers.Photos include side-on, underside, and 45-degree viewsDrawings of undertail patterns provide ...
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by Stephen Moss
List: $26.95 From: $12.39
We use names so often that few of us ever pause to wonder about their origins. What do they mean? And where did they come from?From ...
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by Victor Emanuel, S. Kirk Walsh
List: $29.95 From: $15.56
Victor Emanuel is widely considered one of America's leading birders. He has observed more than six thousand species during travels that have taken him to every ...
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by Chris Earley
List: $16.95 From: $12.00
Thanks to their distinctive colors and lively calls, warblers are a favorite among birders. However sightings can be rare due to the warbler's migratory nature, ...
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by Sneed B. Collard III
List: $24.95 From: $13.11
2018 Montana Book Awards Honor Book2019 High Plains Book Awards Finalist in Creative Nonfiction“In the grandest sense, the Big Year is more than just a game. ...
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