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Book Cover
by Paul Bannick
List: $34.95 From: $31.46
Take a peek inside!In Owl, award-winning photographer Paul Bannick uses his intimate yet dramatic images to follow North American owls through the course of one year ...
Book Cover
by Mike Unwin, David Tipling
List: $40.00 From: $28.53
A rare invitation into the mysterious lives of owls around the world, with spectacularly revealing photographs and fascinating details Perhaps no other creature has so compelling ...
Book Cover
by Leigh Calvez
List: $18.95 From: $12.18
In this New York Times bestseller that will appeal to readers of H is for Hawk, a naturalist probes the forest to comprehend the secret lives ...
Book Cover
by Stacey O'Brien
List: $16.99 From: $8.58
On Valentine’s Day 1985, biologist Stacey O’Brien adopted Wesley, a baby barn owl with an injured wing who could not have survived in the wild. Over ...
Book Cover
by Donald S. Heintzelman
List: $13.95 From: $9.17
Silent predators of the night, owls are fascinating birds that play a crucial role in controlling rodent populations and maintaining ecological balance. In this carefully researched, ...
Book Cover
by Matt Sewell
List: $12.99 From: $7.10
An enchanting illustrated guide to owl species of the world.The owl is one of nature’s most captivating creatures. In this enchanting guide, artist Matt Sewell brings ...
Book Cover
by Heimo Mikkola
List: $49.95 From: $44.96
The superlative identification guide now revised with 19 additional owl species. Praise for the first edition: "[An] important book. Recommended for most libraries ...
Book Cover
by Willow Creek Press
List: $14.99 From: $11.12
The alluring and mysterious appeal of owls is universal. Twelve magnificent full color photographs of owls from throughout the world grace this vivid wall calendar. The ...
Book Cover
by Veropa Press
From: $8.49
Advice from Owls Calendar 2020 with owl inspirational quotes. It covers the period: November 2019 - December 2020 (14 months).Features:Calendar 2020 (UK holidays);Full Colour photographs with ...
Book Cover
by Scott Weidensaul
List: $40.00 From: $18.10
This comprehensive work covering all the owls of North America, including Mexico and the Caribbean, is the newest addition to the trusted Peterson Reference Guide series. ...
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