What Seed To Attract Birds? Handy Tool

As part of their Project FeederWatch program, The Cornell Lab has a handy online tool to help backyard birders determine the best foods to attract common feeder birds

You can use filters to narrow your bird search by region, as well as food type and feeder type. As Project FeederWatch focuses on watching birds in the winter, and winter is the peak season for backyard bird feeding, the region filter uses the winter range for the birds.

As expected, black oil sunflower tops the list for many seed-eating birds. But other popular seeds are featured, and some birds prefer safflower or hulled seeds to the obvious favorite. Of course, other foods like nuts, fruits, corn, and even nectar may also attract birds to your yard. Check out the tool, plug in your location, and see how you can best attract desired species to your yard.


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