T-Shirt Tuesday: Talk Birdy To Me

T-Shirt Tuesday: Peace Love Bird

In this week's T-Shirt Tuesday I'd like to highlight this design: Peace Love Bird. Three iconic images make up this Peace-Love-Bird design. Each icon is in a colored circle. A peace symbol for peace, a heart for love and binoculars for bird are each in silhouette form. This...

T-Shirt Tuesday: Birding Freak

This week's highlighted shirt uses distressed-style typewriter text to say the wearer is a Birding Freak. For only the most obsessed of birders. The pale green text looks great against a black background as seen on this unisex crew neck sweatshirt.

Bird Tees @ Threadless

Threadless has another great clearance sale going on right now with shirts as low as $9. As usual there are some cool bird ones among the dozens of sale tees. Here are some of my favorites.

Festive & Funny I'm the Birding Elf Birdwatcher Long Sleeve Tee

This is a cute Christmas holiday design for birdwatchers to wear during the merry season! I'm the Birding Elf is written in festive mixed font text, framed by an elf's hat and elf stockings with curly-toed elf shoes. You can be festive and share your outdoor hobby...