T-Shirt Tuesday: Peregrine Falcon Sketch

I'm posting this week's highlighted t-shirt, Peregrine Falcon Sketch, in light of a neat story I saw on the news this morning. It seems the British Olympic sailing team has been suffering from nuisance gulls hanging around their ships. The noise disrupts the athletes' rest and acidic gull droppings damage the vessel. They have a new teammate on board to help them with the problem - Felix, a Peregrine Falcon. You can read all about Felix here: Olympic sailors get help from a feathered friend .

Peregrine Falcon Sketch is a black-and-white pencil-style drawing of a Peregrine Falcon in a stoop. Peregrines are the fastest creatures on earth, reaching speeds of up to 200 mph while diving for prey. This stylish design looks great on both dark and light apparel. On light apparel, you can also choose a weathered design for a vintage look.

T-Shirt Tuesday: Bufflehead Sketch

The Bufflehead is a small species of duck native to North America. This week's highlighted t-shirt, Bufflehead Sketch, features a Bufflehead in flight, flying away. The rough black-and-white sketch coveys motion and the beauty of a duck in flight. The design is distressed for a vintage look...