T-Shirt Tuesday: Extinction is Forever

Festive & Funny I'm the Birding Elf Birdwatcher Long Sleeve Tee

This is a cute Christmas holiday design for birdwatchers to wear during the merry season! I'm the Birding Elf is written in festive mixed font text, framed by an elf's hat and elf stockings with curly-toed elf shoes. You can be festive and share your outdoor hobby...

T-Shirt Tuesday: Extreme Birder

This week's highlighted shirt is Extreme Birder. A simple text design using a font that looks like it's on the move. This is perfect for birders who are always on the go (or on the edge)! The design is shown here with red text on a women's classic t-shirt in black.

Favorite Owl T-Shirts

T-Shirt Tuesday: Birds Well With Others

This week's highlighted t-shirt design has to do with birding alone versus birding with a group. Birds Well With Others is made for those who enjoy birding with a group. The design is done in shades of blue and has a retro feel complete with an old-fashioned image...