T-Shirt Tuesday: 3x for Twitchers

Have you ever gone twitching? Lots of birders do - they hear of a rare bird sighting not too far from where they are, or maybe very far away, and go out and try to find that bird. For serious twitchers, like birders doing a big year, the rare bird doesn't even have to be close at all. It just has to be rare, or otherwise missing from their life list. This week's highlighted shirts are all devoted twitchers.


Twitch Twitch Again Classic White Women's T-Shirt

Found on CafePress

First up is this t-shirt with twitch-ified proverb: If at first you don't succeed, twitch twitch again. Sometimes you can't get that wanted bird on the first try, but that doesn't mean you have to give up! The text phrase is shown here on a classic fit women's white t-shirt.

Funny Twitched and Lost Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Found on CafePress

This design inspired by Shakespeare reads 'Tis better to have Twitched and lost Than never to have Twitched at all. Even an unsuccessful birding outing is better than a day sitting around indoors, right? You'll get your target bird next time! The design is shown here on a men's or unisex navy long sleeve tee.


Twitchy Woman Dark Red V-Neck T-Shirt

Found on CafePress

This one is just for the ladies. Twitchy Woman is shown here on a dark red / garnet v-neck t-shirt.

T-Shirt Tuesday: 2 for Twitchers

This week's highlighted t-shirts are two more for twitchers. First up is the collegiate-style Property of Twitching Dept, shown here on a long sleeve dark t-shirt in men's or unisex cut.

T-Shirt Tuesday: The Art of Twitchcraft

This week's highlighted birding t-shirt is actually a twitching t-shirt. You've heard of witchcraft, but have you heard of Twitchcraft? Twitching is a method of birding by which birdwatchers follow tips and sighting reports in order to see rare birds. Sometimes twitching is also used to generically describe British...

T-Shirt Tuesday: Two More for Twitchers

This week's highlighted shirts are for twitchers. First up is Stalking vs. Twitching, with stylized text reading "You call it stalking I call it twitching." Next up is Itchin' to go Twitchin', also using stylized text. Both designs look great on light or dark apparel and...