T-Shirt Tuesday: 2 for Twitchers

Prop. of Twitching Dept. Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt

Found on CafePress

This week's highlighted t-shirts are two more for twitchers. First up is the collegiate-style Property of Twitching Dept, shown here on a long sleeve dark t-shirt in men's or unisex cut.

Through Rain I Twitch Women's Light T-Shirt

Found on CafePress

Next we have Through Rain or Sleet... I Twitch, shown here on a women's classic t-shirt in light blue. This one is particularly appropriate for anyone who has bad luck with the weather when it comes to twitching a rarity!

T-Shirt Tuesday: The Art of Twitchcraft

This week's highlighted birding t-shirt is actually a twitching t-shirt. You've heard of witchcraft, but have you heard of Twitchcraft? Twitching is a method of birding by which birdwatchers follow tips and sighting reports in order to see rare birds. Sometimes twitching is also used to generically describe British...