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Oregon Field Guides

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Book Cover
by Dave Irons
List: $24.95 From: $16.31
From the top of snowy Mount Hood to the crashing waves of the Pacific shore, Oregon has it all for birds and for birders. The American ...
Book Cover
by Stan Tekiela
List: $13.95 From: $9.40
Make bird watching in Oregon even more enjoyable! With Stan Tekiela’s famous field guide, bird identification is simple and informative. There’s no need to look through ...
Book Cover
by Roger Burrows, Jeff Gilligan
List: $22.95 From: $22.78
Full of interesting facts and useful information, this book has something for anyone with an interest in birds, from the casual backyard observer to the keen ...
Book Cover
by Greg R. Homel
List: $7.95 From: $6.00
"Birds of Oregon is a quick and easy to use, light-weight, durable, all-weather field guide to the inspiring and incredibly varied birdlife inhabiting the State Oregon. ...
Book Cover
by Joseph E. Jr. Evanich
List: $19.95 From: $16.63
Evanich's book for serious birders explores the state of Oregon with maps, illustrations and tips that are useful for finding those off-the-beaten-path birding locations.
Book Cover
by David Marshall
List: $45.00 From: $36.89
This comprehensive reference to the approximately five hundred bird species known to occur in the state combines current information on the population status and distribution of ...
Book Cover
by James Kavanagh, Waterford Press
List: $7.95 From: $4.36
The Beaver State is the permanent or migratory home of 628 species of birds, including the state bird, the western meadowlark. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights ...
Book Cover
by John Shewey, Tim Blount
List: $27.95 From: $15.00
Birding in the Pacific Northwest has never been easier!Birds of the Pacific Northwest describes and illustrates more than 400 bird species commonly encountered in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, ...
Book Cover
by Carroll D. Littlefield
List: $19.95 From: $15.95
Spring and autumn migrations bring hundreds of thousands of birds to this internationally known refuge in southeast Oregon. This guide is an invaluable reference to the ...
Book Cover
by John Rakestraw
List: $29.99 From: $25.70
From sage steppe to mountain forest to the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Oregon’s diverse habitats host an equally rich diversity of bird life. BIRDING OREGON ...
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