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by Ber van Perlo
List: $35.00 From: $17.08
This is the only pocket guide to all the species of bird known to inhabit Western and Central Africa. Ber van Perlo introduces more than 1,500 ...
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by Laubscher, Mike Perrin
List: $85.00 From: $81.00
A detailed examination of all aspects of parrots from behavior to their conservation. Parrots' colour and charisma, coupled with the fact that they mimic human speech, make ...
Book Cover
by Hugh Chittenden, Greg Davies & other
List: $25.95 From: $15.58
The Roberts Bird Guide (2nd Edition) has gone to great trouble to concentrate on, and illustrate, difficult-to-identify species and family groups such as raptors, warblers, cisticolas ...
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by Keith Barnes, Ken Behrens
List: $27.95 From: $19.27
South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the largest and most iconic conservation areas in Africa. Habitats range from wide-open savannah and rugged thornveld to ...
Book Cover
by Nik Borrow
List: $66.75 From: $30.80
This is the first dedicated field guide on the birds of Ghana, covering every species recorded, with text and maps opposite the plates.
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by Isak Pretorius
List: $23.95 From: $6.44
Whether you are new to bird photography or already a passionate hobbyist, this guide will teach you all the tools, techniques, and creative ideas required to ...
Book Cover
by David Allan, Hugh Chittenden
List: $15.95 From: $12.19
Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds, an illustrated version of aspects dealt with under the subject of Geographic Variation in the large handbook tome Roberts ...
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Used from: $17.09
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by Ber Van Perlo
From: $21.26
Featuring over 1,250 species, the text details the kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the songs and calls ...
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by Adam Scott Kennedy
List: $27.95 From: $5.91
Birds of the Masai Mara is a remarkably beautiful photographic guide featuring the bird species likely to be encountered by visitors to the popular Masai Mara ...
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