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by Chevonne Reynolds, Nicholas Tye
List: $14.50 From: $6.60
This practical, straightforward guide to some of the most commonly seen birds in southern Africa is aimed at beginner birders, or even juniors. Less daunting than ...
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by Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey & other
From: $55.98
Birds of Southern Africa is the best and most authoritative guide to the birds of one of the world's most fertile birding regions.Two hundred color plates ...
Book Cover
From: $268.23
Book Cover
by Ber Van Perlo
From: $22.59
Featuring over 1,250 species, the text details the kind of habitat the birds are found in, key identification features and notes on the songs and calls ...
Book Cover
by J. G. Williams
From: $29.95
Birds of East Africa (Collins Field Guides)
Book Cover
by Dick Forsman
List: $75.00 From: $42.93
Raptors are notoriously hard to identify, even if seen well. Contrary to expectation, it is actually easier to identify raptors in flight than perched, and it ...
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by Peter Hancock, Ingrid Weiersbye
List: $29.95 From: $19.93
Here is the ultimate field guide to Botswana's stunningly diverse birdlife. Covering all 597 species recorded to date, Birds of Botswana features more than 1,200 superb ...
Book Cover
by Burger Cillie, Ulrich Oberprieler
List: $12.00 From: $5.26
For both the beginner and the experienced birdwatcher this compact guide will prove as indispensable as binoculars.Special features:* Fits your pocket* Practical and user-friendly* Over 400 ...
Book Cover
by Peter Ryan, Warwick Tarboton & others
List: $32.00 From: $21.44
This new larger edition is based on the recently updated fourth edition of the standard-format Sasol Birds of Southern Africa. The region’s best-selling, most comprehensively illustrated ...
Book Cover
by Keith Barnes, Ken Behrens
List: $27.95 From: $20.05
South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the largest and most iconic conservation areas in Africa. Habitats range from wide-open savannah and rugged thornveld to ...
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