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Book Cover
by Mel Boring
List: $7.95 From: $4.99
A fun, informative take-along guide that will help children identify 15 birds. Kid will also learn how and where birds build their homes and all about ...
Book Cover
by Catherine D. Hughes
List: $14.99 From: $4.99
This adorable reference introduces young readers to birds of all kinds: big and small, flyers and swimmers, colorful and plain. They’ll find backyard favorites, such as robins ...
Book Cover
by Tish Rabe
List: $9.99 From: $6.50
Bee hummingbirds, ostriches, flycatchers, chickadees, and bald eagles! Dick and Sally find themselves on a bird-watching tour led by the Cat in the Hat. After a ...
Book Cover
by Jonathan Alderfer
List: $16.99 From: $10.23
Fly into the world of birds in the most complete guide for kids to North America's birds, featuring range maps, cool facts, fun activities, and detailed ...
Book Cover
by Jill McDonald
List: $7.99 From: $6.27
"From woodpeckers to flamingos, the glorious world of birds is rendered in brilliant color for little ones to enjoy again and again." - Seira Wilson, Amazon ...
Book Cover
by Karen Stray Nolting, Jonathan Latimer
List: $13.65 From: $4.99
Field guides for young naturalists backyard birds series is designed with the beginner in mind. Features the original art of celebrated naturalist roger tory Peterson; incorporates ...
Book Cover
by Julie Beer
List: $12.99 From: $7.44
This fun, photo-filled, and fact-packed bird guide will make kids Stop! Look! and Listen! to find the feathered friends right in their own backyards. From ducks ...
Book Cover
by George H. Harrison
List: $14.95 From: $2.99
A fascinating opportunity for children to learn how to attract birds to their own backyards. Bird Watching for Kids is filled with entertaining and fulfilling projects ...
Book Cover
by Bill Thompson III
List: $15.95 From: $6.00
Covering 300 of the most common birds in all of the United States and Canada, The Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of North America is loaded ...
Book Cover
by DK
List: $9.99 From: $4.89
How does a bird make its nest? What do birds eat? Packed with facts and activities, this book has these answers and more, and is a ...
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