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by Fen Montaigne
List: $26.00 From: $14.48
A dramatic chronicle of Antarctica's penguins that bears witness to climate changes that foreshadow our own futureThe towering mountains and iceberg-filled seas of the western Antarctic ...
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by David Ainley
List: $80.00 From: $57.59
The Adélie penguin is one of the best-studied birds in the world and is the subject of research programs from a dozen nations interested in monitoring ...
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by Remy Marion, Sylviane Maigret-Mondry
List: $22.95 From: $5.36
Exceptional divers, ocean adventurers, amazing survivors: penguins survive in the harshest climate on earth. Take an in-depth look at these appealing creatures, from their origins and ...
Book Cover
by Tony D. Williams
From: $82.03
Beautifully illustrated and magnificently comprehensive, The Penguins is the most authoritative guide on the subject available. Restricted to the Southern Hemisphere (but abundant in Antarctic and ...
Book Cover
by Erin Pembrey Swan
From: $114.23
Describes the general physical characteristics and behavior of penguins and takes an indepth look at fourteen different species.
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by Tui De Roy, Mark Jones & other
From: $55.63
Penguins are perhaps the most beloved birds. On land, their behavior appears so humorous and expressive that we can be excused for attributing to them moods ...
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by smART bookx
From: $4.98
Penguin Gifts / Presents / Gift Ideas [ Softback Notebook $4.98 / £3.98 ] IF LOOK INSIDE ISN'T LOADING, the blue smART bookx link by ...
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by Lindsay McCrae
From: $27.99
An unprecedentedly intimate portrait of an emperor penguin colony in Antarctica, by a Bafta Award-winning BBC director of photography who observed these extraordinary birds for a ...
Book Cover
by Kevin Schafer
From: $29.99
- Written by Kevin Schafer, a well-known nature photographer and former seabird biologist and naturalist. - Species from Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile and Galapagos ...
Book Cover
by Melissa Gaskill
List: $28.00 From: $18.34
Perhaps nothing about nature calls to us as deeply as wild animals. To see an enormous whale leaping out of the water, the eerily human eyes ...
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