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by Molly Davidson, John Davidson
From: $9.99
Introduction There are more than 100 different species of ducks, which include swans and geese. Baby ducks are called ducklings, adult men are called drakes, and ...
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by F. Eugene Hester
From: $19.99
The wood duck is our most beautiful of all waterfowl, and for fifty years F. Eugene Hester observed and recorded their exciting lives. He and his ...
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by Adult Coloring World
From: $8.99
Get fantastic value for money with this huge Duck & Goose Coloring Book! The 40 expertly illustrated Duck & Goose designs in this coloring book for ...
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by Augusta R Goldin
From: $11.99
Describes the habits and behavior of ducks, emphasizing the physical characteristics which prevent their getting wet.
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by Sandra Romashko
From: $3.95
As a complete field guide to the 45 species of waterfowl found in North America, this book, which is illustrated by renowned wildlife and marine artist ...
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by Glenn Drowns
List: $19.95 From: $6.60
Whether you’re running a farm or interested in keeping a few backyard birds, Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry covers everything you need to know to successfully ...
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by Paul A. Johnsgard, Montserrat Carbonell
From: $34.95
An in-depth biological overview of a fascinating group of waterfowl 'Paul A. Johnsgard’s first glimpse of a North American ruddy duck―a chestnut-brown bird with a blue ...
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List: $190.00 From: $164.29
The past decade has seen a huge increase in the interest and attention directed toward sea ducks, the Mergini tribe. This has been inspired, in large ...
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by Tom Airhart, Eddie Kent & other
From: $27.99
Waterfowling is one of the more challenging forms of hunting. Requiring an intimate knowledge of the quarry in specialized gear—from shotguns and ammo to decoys, calls, ...
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by Frank Chapman Bellrose
From: $54.76
The characteristics, habits, movements and migration routes, and populations of American waterfowl are documented
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