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    T-Shirt Tuesday: iBand

    Posted on June 3rd, 2008 in Banding, T-Shirt Tuesday

    This is the first of a planned weekly series: T-Shirt Tuesday, where I’ll highlight t-shirt designs from the Magnificent Frigatebird shop for birders and great birding t-shirts from other online shops.

    This twist on a popular iPod ad series features the silhouette of a little songbird with a white leg ring, along with the text iBand. This fun design makes a great gift for any bird ringer or bird bander.

    iBand is also available in green or orange. For bird ringers, we also offer a line of iRing apparel and gifts.

    There is one comment
    Jun 11, 2008
    3:15 pm
    #1 Marina - iBand wrote:


    I’m Marina from the iBand (which is actually a real Band and not and “iPod ad serie”… ; )

    I just came accidentally across your page and your t-shirt idea and I have to say, that I really like your design! So far we refused all companies that wanted to produce “iBand” t-shirts but we could definitely think about a collaboration with you in some kind. Just send me an email, if you like to “collaborate”.

    Best wishes, Marina

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