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    Archive: Warbler Neck Awareness

    April 2011 Giveaway Winner

    Posted on May 9th, 2011 in Contest, Giveaway, Warbler Neck Awareness

    Thank you to everyone who entered my April giveaway! I used a random name picker to select the winner. Congratulations to Melissa Mayntz on winning a Warbler Neck Awareness shirt of her choice. Melissa, I’ll contact you via email to get your details.

    April Giveaway: Warbler Neck Awareness Swag

    Posted on April 23rd, 2011 in Contest, Giveaway, Warbler Neck Awareness

    May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month. Along with sister site Birdorable, this month we are highlighting the affliction with a series of blog posts and new WN Awareness merchandise. Other posts in this series: What is Warbler Neck? | Triggers for Warbler Neck and side-effects

    I’m using this month’s giveaway to continue the Warbler Neck Awareness campaign. May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month and it will be here before you know it!

    This month’s giveaway will be for a Warbler Awareness t-shirt of choice from the Magnificent Frigatebird birder gift shop, up to a $35 value. All of the example shirts shown below (and many others) are eligible for this giveaway!

    For this contest, there are two simple steps to enter. First, become a fan of the birder apparel & gifts Facebook page. Then, leave a comment on this blog post. If you’re already a fan, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. This t-shirt giveaway is open to everyone (global). Fan our Facebook page and leave your comment on this post before 11:59pm CDT on Saturday, April 30th. A random entry will be chosen and announced by May 4th.

    Warbler Neck Awareness: Triggers for Warbler Neck and side-effects

    Posted on April 15th, 2011 in Birdorable, Warbler Neck Awareness

    May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month. Along with sister site Birdorable, this month we are highlighting the affliction with a series of blog posts and new WN Awareness merchandise. Earlier this week, the first post of the series appeared on the Birdorable Blog: What is Warbler Neck?

    Simply put, Warbler Neck is the pain birders feel in the neck after time spent warbler-watching. Peering upwards into the tree canopy is a surefire way to guarantee a bout of WN in the immediate future. For many birders, just the thought of birding at certain warbler hotspots can trigger an ache in the neck.

    Yellow-Rumped Warbler, April, PA
    Yellow-Rumped Warbler, April, PA by Kelly Colgan Azar, Creative Commons on Flickr

    Warbler Neck is often accompanied by painful side-effects. Backaches, foot pain, and even upper arm aches are often felt in conjunction with WN, especially early in migration. Headaches are most frequently reported after unsuccessful birdwatching excursions. There’s nothing worse than suffering from Warbler Neck and coming home with a long list of unidentified birds, or a list completely devoid of warblers.

    Other side-effects may include tick infestation and mosquito-related welts, although these are not limited to warbler-specific birding.

    Yellow-throated Warbler
    Yellow-throated Warbler by hart_curt, Creative Commons on Flickr

    Although I have not experienced Warbler Neck yet this year, I fully expect to suffer from WN pain sometime in the near future. More distressingly, I am still skunked for warblers so far this year, even though Yellow-rumped have been seen around here in good numbers for the last week or so, and other species such as Cerulean, Hooded and Yellow-throated have been seen in the area. Have you seen any warblers yet this year? Have you suffered from Warbler Neck recently, or ever?

    Hooded Warbler
    Hooded Warbler by mitchmcc, Creative Commons on Flickr

    May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month

    Posted on April 11th, 2011 in Funny, Products, Warbler Neck Awareness

    This week we’re kicking off a campaign for Warbler Neck Awareness Month in May. Warbler Neck (WN) Awareness is symbolized by a cerulean blue awareness ribbon-feather.

    What is warbler neck? Who suffers from Warbler Neck, and what are the symptoms? Is there a cure? We’ll discuss these topics and more over the next few weeks.

    We’ll also be sharing our new line of Warbler Neck Awareness t-shirts and gifts. These products feature original designs with the cerulean blue awareness ribbon-feather and other illustrations and slogans promoting Warbler Neck Awareness.

    Join us here at and at our sister site, Birdorable, for more about Warbler Neck over the next few weeks.